Will TikTok follow the fate of Instagram?


We all know what path Instagram has taken and what it has turned into over time: from a platform where people shared their breakfasts and tagged friends in funny photo challenges, Insta has grown into a platform for advertising, sales and promotion. Someone will find it sad, but someone has always needed such a platform. What matters is not this, but whether the same thing will happen now with TikTok, or will this social network go its own special way? 

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It is very difficult to make accurate forecasts, but there are some signs already now: people are already trying to buy TikTok followers and are already thinking for the most part not about how people will like their content, but whether brands will pay attention to them. We can say that the transformation has already begun — more and more companies and bloggers are launching advertising in TikTok, since all the most active and lively audience is now found in it, and it is advertising in TikTok that gives the best figures and results.

But is there any difference between Insta and TikTok at all? 

Yes: even though bloggers are striving to buy followers on TikTok, they know that success lays mostly on their content and only their efforts can lead them to worldwide popularity. In order to get into the recommendations of other people, users of this social network really have to try very hard and put maximum effort into their videos and analyze the situation — what can be called a trend at the moment, and what is not? Which videos are worth shooting right now, and which ones have already started to become obsolete? To date, TikTok is a ton of independent blogger’s work and only a little help from paid services, while Instagram is becoming more and more dependent on them. 

We must also say that TikTok is not yet as flooded with bots as Insta. Here, almost the entire audience is alive, and if 10 thousand people watched you, then 10 thousand people watched you — while in IG it would mean that 5 thousand real people and 5 thousand fakes watched you. Of course, all metrics in social networks have errors, but there are not nearly as many of them on this video platform as in the IG. But this does not mean that we should choose a video platform as the only social network suitable for promotion — on the contrary, the best solution would be to combine several social networks and duplicate content. Cross-posting can help you out a lot at the moment when you need to attract more people to a particular profile — so try to leave links to the rest of your pages on each of the available pages. Such linking will help you to gather all your small audiences on different social networks into a single large one.

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Even if TikTok turns into the same selling platform that Instagram has become, you should hurry to take your place in the niche so that you don’t have to put even more effort into promotion later. Obviously, this video platform will not lose popularity soon: and even if new tools for advertising and monetization appear on it, maybe it’s for the best? After all, who doesn’t want to make blogging their main job today?


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