Why is DevOps outsourcing so important?


There are many well-known companies around the world that are making huge amounts of money.  Do you know their little secret that has contributed directly to their success? There are probably many, but we are ready to share one of them!

Whatsapp, Skype, and even such a giant as Google decided on this and did not regret it for a second.

It’s about outsourcing.

Let’s figure out what it is, if this term is still little known and incomprehensible to you.

Outsourcing is when an organization entrusts some processes and tasks to a contractor or even another organization that is powerful in a particular area.

Outsourcing concerns a wide variety of undertakings.  It can be production, accounting, and also relate to the IT sphere.

Today’s discussion topic is DevOps outsourcing!

When you implement DevOps methods, the crossroads immediately dissipate in front of you in the form of what to do with employees.  There are only two ways.  You can either hire a team or use DevOps outsourcing services.

When you create your own team, this can entail certain kinds of disadvantages.

1) Extra spending in the form of benefits, paid vacation and office costs. Especially at the startup stage, it hits the wallet

2)The selection of specialists is not an easy task, as it turned out. In any case, you need to review a dozen applications, conduct many interviews, and that’s not all. There is no guarantee that a certain specialist will suit you.  You need to set aside time for a “trial period”.  And this is also the risk of wasted time and missed opportunities.

3)Along with the selection is the problem of retaining specialists.  This item includes unplanned dismissals of their own free will, as well as the occurrence of a situation that this particular person did not suit you and his approach to work is not at the expected level.  And then the continuous cycle of selection of candidates for the position starts again.

4)Of course, starting processes and building them takes much longer, and even more so when the task is to start it all from scratch, it is very difficult to climb to the next stage of development. The formation of infrastructure in the early stages turns into an impossible mission

5)Another risk is that the team often loses focus. This is a regular problem that comes up.  This happens due to distractions on internal minor tasks.  Because of them, the course for high-ranking goals is lost.

6)As sad as it may be, internal experts are a bit one-sided. That is, the approach to resolving issues and tasks is monotonous. This problem occurs because the uniform working conditions are also boring.

But what then to do?  Consider the benefits of the so-called Remote Team!

1)Economy is the first thing worth mentioning.  If you are the cons of the office team, the first point was the cost, then in this case things are completely different.

The doors of talents and skills are opening before you, and even at the right price.

2)Specialists are creative and mobile to solve emergency situations, because they have experience in such cases.

3)Employees are motivated and stay focused!  You share your goals with them, and they fully justify the expectation and achieve them!

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