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The success of any project largely depends on the team. Therefore, it is very important to be able to involve specialists with the necessary qualifications in the development in a timely manner. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find them quickly. This is one of the most difficult tasks that every manager faces.

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You trust the development of an outsourcing company project. Formed specifically for you, it is a separate unit with its own management and internal structure.

Features and area of responsibility

The development is managed by the provider of the dedicated team. The team composition may change in the process according to the requirements of the project. As a rule, the service provider is responsible for the timing, quality of work and budget.


Focus on business tasks while your partner is engaged in recruitment, project management, quality control and delivery. Vendor is responsible for the technical “happiness” of IT specialists, their involvement and motivation. The service provider assumes part of the risks associated with the project. Ability to connect the Squad-Based Development service for greater flexibility and timely response to market changes.

When to connect external IT specialists

A lot of projects

 When another one needs to be developed in parallel with the main product, but it is not possible to divide or scale an internal team, the possibility of attracting an external team should be considered. Constant switching of the internal team between the two projects can lead to a decrease in performance in the development of both software solutions.

Uncertainty and the ability to quickly scale

It happens that the new project lacks certainty and it is not quite clear how exactly the requirements will change in the process. In this case, you need maximum flexibility with the ability to quickly scale. If your HR department is not ready to quickly increase the staff of developers, the ideal option would be to expand the internal team at the expense of external specialists in the Team Extension model.

Last minute deadlines

Timely identification of the problem is very important. When it becomes clear that the project will not be completed on time, and internal developers do not cope with the scope of work, you should resort to expanding the team.

The need for specific competencies

Some projects require developers to dive into the subject area for a long time and increase expertise in a particular technology. In order, for example, to develop a solution for fintech, it would be correct to involve experts in this field. It’s easier, cheaper and faster than training your own developers.

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There is no experience in development management

It happens that the company has an IT department that regularly performs its duties, but does not have experience in developing software products. Some companies do not have a development management infrastructure or do not have their own HR department, which should motivate developers. In such a situation, there is nothing left but to involve external experts in the project.

What should be paid special attention to

Get started with Discovery Phase

Do not neglect the Discovery Phase. Based on our experience, for medium-sized projects this stage is 20-40 hours, and for large ones – from one to two months. Among other things, this is a great opportunity to find out if the vendor meets your expectations.

Advantages of this approach:

  • The risk of disrupting development time is reduced by 40-75%;real budget savings can range from 30 to 50%;
  • Trust between the parties increases in the process of discussing the project.

You need to know about all the risks

The service provider usually describes to you an optimistic and realistic picture of how the project will be promoted. Be sure to ask him for a full list of risks, as well as ask him to provide the most pessimistic layout.

Lack of understanding of risks can lead to the following consequences:

  • Excess budget;
  • Exceeding development time;
  • Loss of valuable personnel;
  • Unproductive work.


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