UPS Employee Benefits Login and Discounts ❤️ 2022


If you are a part-time employee at United Parcel Service (UPS), your TeamstersCare coverage will differ from the full-time employee working at UPS.

If you work 225 or more hours in any 3-month eligibility determination period and fewer than 400 hours at UPS, then you become eligible for the following UPS Employee Benefits Part-Time –

UPS Employee Benefits 2022

We provide a wide range of choices to manage your life with education, work as well as family, friends and almost every other aspect you could ever imagine.

UPSers will do everything to ensure that every package delivery service and business solution meets those expectations set by our clients. This is why we’ll go to anything to exceed their expectations for excellent health and compensation. For example, we offer full-time benefits for part-time employees and one of the largest complete payment plans available to all employees. In addition, UPS is one of the few businesses at present that gives hourly employees all benefits, including dental and medical insurance and tuition aid.

Check out the Earn & Learn program for employees who work part-time! 

UPS Tuition Assistance Program

To help employees with their education, We are pleased to provide an opportunity to participate in the UPS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). In a continuous effort to train, retrain and create skilled people, TAP ensures that UPS continues to expand as a business, prosper as a business, and succeed as a global company.

Within the United States, tuition assistance is provided to:

  • Full-time non-union employees
  • Part-time management employees
  • Part-time union employees

As of 2010, the program gave $24 million in tuition assistance to around 14,000 students. Since the program started in 1999, we’ve provided $187 million in tuition assistance to approximately 113,000 students.

UPS also invests around $300 million annually in education programs to aid employees in advancing their careers within the organization.

To find out more information about the program and the eligibility requirements, or to start applying, go to the program administrator, EDCOR.

If you’re interested in an online undergraduate course, find out more about the UPS program available to UPS students through Thomas Edison State College.

Health and Wellness Programs

UPS manages various benefits plans that meet the wellness and health needs of different employees. Additionally, UPS makes contributions on behalf of employees participating in union-mandated plans.

Although there are many variations in the plans offered, the following is a brief overview of the benefits that the company has won awards for:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Programme Universal for Groups
  • Insured Business Trip Accidents
  • Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance with Inflation Coverage
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Child/Eldercare Spending Accounts
  • Healthcare Spending Accounts
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Work-Life Balance Programs

Compensation and Savings Programs

  • Employee discount purchase of stock
  • UPS believes that the long-term ownership of our business by UPSers is a significant element in our future success. Participating in the rewards and the risks associated with ownership encourages the dedication of our employees, both part-time and full-time, non-management and management, union-free and non-union, which is crucial for our ability to support global commerce. Employees can purchase stocks through this program. Discounted Employer Stock Purchase Plan and 401(k) plans.
  • Competitive salaries
  • UPS offers competitive hourly wage, salary and compensation plans for all employees. UPS employees are among the most well-paid in the field, from its drivers to its IT experts.
  • Managers Incentive Plan (profit sharing)

Benefits Information Disclaimer

The information about compensation and benefits available on this site is for informational purposes only. Not every service or product is available or appropriate to all employees, and the availability of a particular product or service may change. UPS has the discretion to modify or erase the information provided per UPS’s business requirements.

Users must sign up with the portal to take advantage of discounts and enjoy the benefits of employees.

After registration, the user will receive a unique password and ID to log in. The user must accept all terms and conditions before signing up for an account.

Employees to receive discounts must be able to receive the benefits due to their work. They will have diverse options to cut down on their funds because these discounts will benefit them, as postal service providers have huge savings on services for shipping.

To get these discounts, they must accept some of the following conditions:

Incentive Programs

They will offer discounts to employees as outlined in Exhibit A in relation to services provided, as indicated in Exhibit A. UPS provides discounts based on the company’s guidelines.

In addition, they offer various rewards which can be used to purchase shipping services for personal or household use.

You cannot transfer shares to another employee. The employee will be responsible for all charges incurred.

Eligible Employees

All retired UPS Employees can benefit from the discount program. Only personnel from Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories don’t have the chance to avail themselves of these discount programs. Retirement pensioners who do not have access to UPS and franchisees, third-party resellers, and UPS vendors are not qualified for this discount program.

UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Service are subject to change without prior notification. They are included in this agreement following a variety of references. The latest version of Tariffs and services are available online through the website.

Use of Electronic Shipping Information

The customer must utilize the Automated Shipping system to obtain rewards. The packages need to be handed off at the post office of the company that provides the posting service. There isn’t a way to get incentives offered by different locations. There may be discounted incentives offered to employees who work in the UPS store under separate programs.


The user has to agree to pay in full within the specified timeframe.

The term, Modification and Termination

The agreement is effective when the user agrees to continue and selects the following option. The agreement shall remain in effect until a notification for the expiration of the incentive is received. At any point in time, UPS may, at its discretion, modify or alter the incentive and services offered, as well as the management, and either extend or cancel the incentive.


The employee must respect confidentiality regarding their agreement, including rates and the contract’s duration. Employees are not allowed to post or publicly display their confidential information. This is against the law.


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