Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login and Discounts ❤️ 2022


Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login – Nordstrom Employee Discounts 2022

Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login and Discounts – If you’re going to start your career @ Nordstrom, then you surely check what employee benefits at Nordstrom you can enjoy while working besides attractive salary packages.

Nordstrom has a wide range of Nordstrom Benefits and Employee Discounts making available for all employees with login at the official Nordstrom Employee Login portal.

So, if you’re a Nordstrom Employee? then read this article explaining Nordstrom Employee Benefits packages.

Here, we have also provided fully detailed information on my Nordstrom employee benefits, Nordstrom employee benefits login, Nordstrom Employee Discounts, Nordstrom employee health benefits, and everything related to employee benefits at Nordstrom. 

Continue reading to learn what Nordstrom employee benefits, perks, and discounts you can enjoy while working with the company.

About Nordstrom 

Nordstrom, Inc. is a luxury departmental store chain in America known for providing a range of products. It was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin in 1901 as a shoe store. Now, it operates around 117 stores in 40 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and three Canadian provinces.  The company offers a full-line retailer with departments for clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, home furnishings, and several have in-house cafes, restaurants, and espresso bars.

With 117 store locations throughout the USA and Canada, Nordstrom employs approximately 74,000 people. Their success is credited to the quality of its service and dedication to its employees. 

Aside from providing premium quality products and services to its customers, the company is also known for providing a whole range of beneficial programs; Nordstrom Benefits are very useful for the employees.

What are Employee Benefits at Nordstrom?

Nordstrom offers the most competitive and flexible benefits packages for all employees uniformly across the company. 

Nordstrom employee benefits packages are made available for all employees, whether part-time or full-time, and specially designed to be helpful for every employer’s need.

Popular Employee Benefits: 

Check more Employee Benefits:

Here is a brief account of my Nordstrom employee benefits, read carefully-

Nordstrom Employee Benefits Description
401(K) Plan
  • Outstanding 401(K) plan, starting from 1% to 4%.
  • Additional 2% for long-term high-performing employees
Life Insurance Basic life insurance up to $10,000/employee
Health Insurance 
  • Nordstrom employee health benefits
  • Covered by Aetna
  • 20% copay on all things covered plan
Vision Insurance 50% copay on all eye tests, glasses, and contacts. 
Dental Insurance 
  • Covered by MetLife
  • 50% off on all dental procedures
  • 2 free cleanings/year for all employees
Retirement Plan Multiple investment options available in addition to 401(K)
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Nordstrom offers discounted stock prices with first opportunity to buy for employees with each new stock release.
Work From Home  Freedom to Work From Home in some critical cases.
Maternity & Paternity Leave
  • 4 weeks before birth plus 3 months after birth Maternity & Paternity Leave available.
  • Unpaid and manager approved paid leaves available.
Paid Holidays Pays of 1.5 X normal daily rate, if you’ll work on holidays.
Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Nordstrom gives 18 vacation days per year for all employees.
  • Increased in the next year, if unused.
Employee Assistance Program
  • Professional therapists and assistance is available for employees struggling with personal problems
  • Free counseling to help employees in order to decide their career path
Employee Discount 20% to 40% off on all Nordstrom products
Flexible Hours  Flexible schedules for several departments in the company
Long-term savings Defined-contribution (DC) pension, non-matching
Apprenticeship Program  Skills training for all employees

Best Nordstrom Employee Benefits @

In accordance with Nordstrom employees reviews, below are the best employee benefits at Nordstrom –

  • Nordstrom employee health benefits
  • Nordstrom Health insurance with Vision and Dental coverage.
  • Outstanding 401(K) match up plan, starting from 1% to 4%.
  • 20% to 40% off employee discounts
  • 4 months of paid maternity leave
  • 18 PTO plus Work From Home facility
  • Maternity and paternity leave availability
  • Commuter benefits
  • Employee discounts
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Nordstrom 24/7 anonymous suicide hotline

Overall, Nordstrom employee benefits go beyond the common benefits compares to others in the field. Nordstrom employee benefits aim to enhance employee’s personal and financial security through handsome benefits programs and packages.

Nordstrom Employee Discounts 2022

Nordstrom employee discount is either 20% -or- 33% based on your level of employment. Regular hourly workers gain a 20% discount while management gets a very solid 33% discount.

I have also been told that some branch managers, and what they term all-stars (like worker of the month), can also allow for the 33% discount for limited periods.

Get Your Discount Online in a Few Simple Steps

1) Log in, select your buys and then proceed to Checkout. 

  • Enter a shipping address and select a shipping method. 
  • In the Payment section, click Apply a Promotion Code. 
  • Type Employee in the promotion code box and click Apply.

2) Enter your employee number in the employee number box, choose your discount and click Apply.

3) Enter your payment details and click Save & Continue. 

Next, review your order—your discount will be reflected in your new order total—and click Place Order.

You must log in with your email address to get to Checkout. (If you haven’t bought from before, you will have to sign up as a new customer.)

  • Online employee buys must be placed with a Nordstrom debit card, Nordstrom credit card, Nordstrom Visa® card or Nordstrom Gift Card.
  • Employee discounts do not apply to the buying of Gift Cards.
  • Online purchases should not be sent to a Nordstrom full-line store or Rack location.
  • Learn more about Nordstrom promo codes.

Questions? Could you email us at [email protected]?

Nordstrom Employee Benefits Login Steps

To get benefited from Nordstrom Benefits and Employee Discounts, employees need to login to the official Nordstrom Employee Login portal.

Follow given steps for Nordstrom Employee Login –

  • Visit Nordstrom Employee Login official site,
  • Enter your Employee Number and password.
  • Entering both, click on “Log In”.

Nordstrom Customer Service

  • Address: 1617 6th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101 United States
  • Phone Number Toll-Free: 1-(206) 628-2111
  • Fax Number Details: (206) 628-1795


That’s all about Nordstrom Employee Benefits packages, employee benefits at Nordstrom for associates, Nordstrom part-time employee benefits, Nordstrom employee benefits phone number, Nordstrom rack employee benefits reviews, and other useful details. 

Do you have any questions or queries related to Nordstrom Employee Benefits? Drop them into the below comment section.

FAQs- Nordstrom Employee Benefits

Q. What discounts do Nordstrom employees get?

A. Their employee discount is either 20% -or- 33% based on your level of employment. Regular hourly employees earn a 20% discount, while management gets a very solid 33% discount.

Q. What health insurance does Nordstrom provide?

A. Nordstrom also contributes to your HSA up to $530 per year for employee-only coverage and $1,060 for employee plus dependent coverage. This plan has an individual deductible of $2,500 and an out-of-pocket limit of $6,750. There is no fee for preventive services, and the cost of coinsurance is usually 30%.

Q. Does Nordstrom give benefits to part time employees?

A. Nordstrom — Benefits offered by Nordstrom include: 401(k) plan and profit sharing, employee discount on merchandise, short-term and long-term disability, paid time off and bereavement, and life insurance.

Q. Does Nordstrom give bonuses?

A. Numerous management roles will receive a $250 bonus each pay period.

Q. What is Nordstrom dress code?

A. No there is not a specific dress code for Nordstrom sales associates.

Q. Are Nordstrom employees on commission?

A. Nordstrom workers are paid a commission for all their sales, which sometimes creates ugly competitiveness amongst floor associates. Many employees aggressively court customers in pricey departments of the store in hopes of hooking a customer and their commission before other associates.

Q. Is Nordstrom a good place to work?

A. 74% of employees at Nordstrom, Inc. say it is a fantastic place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical United States-based company.


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