invalid syntax to repo init in the AOSP code in Python


Are you are learning about “SyntaxError: invalid syntax to repo init in the AOSP code in Python“? In today’s article, I will provide solutions for you to solve the issues. Please follow the below steps to get the problem resolved now

SyntaxError – Invalid syntax to repo INIT in the AOSP Python code

There might be a difference in your repo python and mine system python versions. My repo is in python 2, and my system uses python 3. This is why I am getting this error.

The solution is to update my repo’s Python version from Python 2. This worked for me.

Solution 2: Use the Command Line Below

This Given Command is a good idea.

curl > ~/bin/repo
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
python3 ~/bin/repo init -u [email protected]

This command might solve your problem.

Solution 3 : Check Both System Python Version

Solution is …. You will need to verify your repo version and the system where you wish to clone it.

Make sure that both versions are identical. This will solve your issue. Github issue.

Solution 4: Download the Latest Repo and Follow Below Command

  • Last version of repo: curl > repo
  • To make it executable, change right: $codeTag2
  • Your repo init can be run with python3 using the “repo” you downloaded: python3 repo init -u [email protected]:xxx/xx_manifest.git -b xxx

Solution 5: Change below Lines

Simply modify the first line in /usr/bin/repo to make it yours.




This instructs the system that Python3 should be used instead of default Python. This Worked for Me. If it works for you, please comment below.

Final Words

The above are useful solutions for the question “SyntaxError: invalid syntax to repo init in the AOSP code in Python?”, if you can’t solve it well. Please leave a message.


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