htmlparser object has no attribute unescape ( Solved )


attributeerror: htmlparser object has no attribute unescape error occurs because of incompatibility in python version 3.9 version. Actually, unescape is removed from htmlparser module in Python 3.9.x version series. This creates incompatibility if we run same code with python 3.9.x series. In this article, we will address the best and easiest way to fix this htmlparser object has no attribute unescape error.


Attributeerror: htmlparser object has no attribute unescape ( Fix ) –

We can fix this issue from the multiple ways. All you need to understand them and find the easiest from your context.


Solution 1: Downgrade the python 3.9 to a lower version ( >3.4 ) –

Since this incompatibility is because of python version 3.9. As you already know unescape module is no more part of htmlparser  from this version. Hence we will downgrade our python version. You can directly install the lower version, It will replace the existing python version with the lower version. But keep the current module > 3.4 to avoid other incompatibility issues.  You may try to use any virtual environment to keep other versions stable.

I know you are thinking why version >3.4 one. The reason is simple, This function was first introduced in Python 3.4 series. Hence if you downgrade the python version lower to it, you will again face this same incompatibility error.

Attributeerror htmlparser object has no attribute unescape
Attributeerror htmlparser object has no attribute unescape

Solution 2: upgrading setuptools –

IF you change multiple configurations to fix this error. Which sometime misconfigures the setup files. In this situation, once we are landed over the python stable version. We should upgrade setuptools and related files. You may try the below command-

pip3 install --upgrade setuptools
pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip3 install --upgrade distlib

It will definitely fix the error for you. Also do not forget to close the current terminal and restart it once before running your script again.

I hope now you can easily fix this error. Please comment if you are facing any issues in fixing the same error.


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