How To Fix “Warning: Undefined array key”?


Are you having problems with the issue “Warning: Undefined array key“? How to fix it? In today’s article, I will provide solutions for you to solve the issues. Please follow the below steps to get the problem resolved now

How did “Warning: Undefined array key” occur?

Warning: Undefined array key

When you work with PHP, you may get the issue Warning: Undefined array key. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you solutions in order to resolve your problem.

How to fix “Warning: Undefined array key”?

To Solve Warning : Undefined array key error, you just need to verify that the value you want to obtain is actually there. Simply pke this. Now, you must correct your error.

Solution 1: Use the isset

It is enough to verify that the value you seek is there. As simple as that. This is how to fix your error.

<?php if(isset($_GET['name'])): ?>
        Your name is <?php echo $_GET["name"]; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Final words

The above are useful solutions that can help you fix “Warning: Undefined array key” problem, if you can’t solve it well. Please leave a message.


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