How to Fix Hacked Facebook Account


Users create their accounts on Facebook for a variety of reasons. Someone wants to run a microblog, someone searches for new contacts, someone communicates with colleagues, etc. But no matter the reason, no one wants to lose access to private data and risk personal safety. 

Unfortunately, every Facebook hacker doesn’t mind your desires. You may be hacked and experience awful consequences of someone else’s whim. So let’s see what you can do if your FB account is in danger. 

What Happens If Your Facebook Account is Hacked?

You literally may lose control over your account. As a result, users usually see a strange activity in their DM and on their profiles. Also, you may still have access to your account and manage it but notice a suspicious trace of someone else’s activity. The exact consequences depend on what a hacker plans to do with your account. 

It sounds ridiculous but hackers have their reasons to steal your personal information. For instance, they want to access your FB account because of fun or fame. It is said that cyber criminals consider themselves cool because of having hacking skills. 

Another popular reason is to steal your money. A hacker accesses your account and messages your friends that you need financial help immediately. Many people believe that’s you and transfer funds. Also, a hacker may contact you to blackmail you with your private information. Again, many individuals will pay a criminal instead of making public their texts, photos, and videos. 

Anyway, no matter the reason why you are hacked you need an efficient solution. Even if you haven’t faced such an issue yet, you can fight with a cybercriminal and recover your access to your private data. 

Long story short, the first step for a user is to clarify if someone hacked my Facebook account or I’m mistaken. If you wonder how to know if my Facebook is hacked then you need to analyze the main signs of the hacked account listed below. Then what to do if your Facebook account is hacked in fact and you want to take it back? Rely on the efficient tips to fix the situation and take control over your personal information. 

How Will I Know If My FB Has Been Hacked?

If you see any signs of being hacked then act as fast as possible. Panic, fear, and stress don’t play into your hands. You must be focused and understand that the final result of your fight with a hacker depends on your actions. 

First of all, clarify if you are hacked or just forgot your password and misunderstood. Several signs may show your FB account is in danger. Among them are the following:

– you see that your name, date of birth, city, and other personal information is changed;

– there are messages and friend requests you didn’t send;

– there are posts in your profile you didn’t make;

– you can’t access your FB account using the right password;

– you received an email notification that your password was changed; 

– you received an email notification that someone has logged in to your FB account;

– the list on the privacy setting page contains unknown users and devices.

Pay extra attention to The Facebook privacy setting page. You can see there all users logged into your account with detailed information (their gadgets, browsers, location, time, etc.). Try to check this page time after time to make sure your Facebook account is safe.

How to Recover Your Facebook Account

With the information listed above, you can focus and start acting the right way. Here are 4 simple steps that will allow you to take control over your hacked FB account again. 

Step #1. Change your password

If you have noticed hacking activity in your profile then hurry up to change a password. It’s great if you still have access to your account. So go to the settings and change it. 

If a cybercriminal has already changed your password and you haven’t access to your FB account then reset it via a button ‘Forgot your password?’. Use your email or phone number to change your password. 

Step #2. Report Facebook about compromised account

This is an optional step for those users whose accounts become victims of spam and unauthorized advertising. If you haven’t noticed such activities in your FB profile then you can skip this step. 

In other cases, go to the page and report compromised Facebook account. Then a FB team will help you to recover control over your profile. 

Step #3. Uninstall suspicious software

You may not be the target of Facebook hackers but get attacked because of a third-party application on your device. There are many FB apps and some of them may be malicious. 

So find apps and websites in your account settings. Remove all software you don’t need in the categories ‘Active’ and ‘Expired’. 

Step #4. Improve your safety

Analyze the damage you have experienced and make conclusions. You should improve your safety and be attentive using social media networks. 

Be sure that the described Facebook account hacked solution is the most successful if you act fast. Don’t ignore any signs of hacking attacks and keep your personal information safe!


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