Won’t Open on Edge and How to Fix Them

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Here we can see, “ Won’t Open on Edge and How to Fix Them”

This problem occurs in Windows 10 and stops certain websites from opening or displaying correctly on phones and PCs. The issue only affects Windows browsers like Edge and IE. Other websites have been reported as inaccessible, although most users are reporting issues with Google-related websites. Certain websites won’t work in Edge or IE due to this problem.

Microsoft reportedly said the issue was “related to token binding, a security feature Microsoft and Google are working on”. We know the cause of the bug, but we can only wait for the next update. However, there are a few fixes for this issue.

Method 1: Using InPrivate Window

This is Microsoft’s suggested solution, and it is known to work for most people who have this issue.

Use the InPrivate Window feature in Windows browsers like Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to open any Google-related (or other website-related) websites. This will open the webpages without any issues.

  1. Start Microsoft Edge
  2. Select More (3 dots on the top right corner)
  3. Open a private window.

Now open the troubled website, and it should operate fine.

Method 2: Switching Browsers

The good news is that this issue only affects Windows browsers like Edge. So you can use Google Chrome or Firefox. It is advised to use these browsers until Microsoft resolves the issue.

You can always get them from their official sites if you don’t have any other. Click on the links below and select the Windows version.

Method 3: Updating Windows

Since Microsoft acknowledged the fault and said it would be fixed in future builds, updating Windows should solve the issue. But it would help if you waited for Windows upgrades. But don’t forget to upgrade Windows to fix this issue.

Google Chrome: Download

Mozilla Firefox: Download

User Questions:

How to open Google in Edge?

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Right-click Settings.
  3. Click Privacy and Services. If not, click the Menu. top left
  4. Click the Address bar at the bottom.
  5. Select Google in the address bar search engine drop-down.

The Edge 2020 bug is fixed.

  1. Setup.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Tap Apps & Features.
  4. Opt for Microsoft Edge.
  5. Click on Advanced options.
  6. If Microsoft Edge isn’t working correctly, click Repair to fix it without damaging your data.

So how do I get Google to open in Edge?

Select Extensions from the Menu at the top of the browser.

Locate the extension you want to enable, then pick the toggle.

How to set Google as default in Edge?

  1. Open Edge.
  3. Right-click Settings and more. Settings.
  4. Click View Advanced settings under “Advanced settings”.
  5. “Search in the address bar with”: Change.
  6. Click Google. Defaulted.


Installing the latest updates will fix Microsoft Edge not working. Windows downloads and install updates automatically, but you may miss some. Go to Update & Security under Windows Settings. Click Check for updates in Windows Update.


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