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Cintas Partner Connect Login

Cintas Partner Connect Login – Guys!! Here you can get all the information about the “Cintas Partner Connect Login” at

You must be aware of the portal if you are a new user of If you have newly joined the Cintas Partner Connect portal, you may find all the complete related details of the Cintas Partner Connect Login portal.

We will also explain some of the difficulties users face during the Cintas Partner Connect Login process and how to tackle them.

Below are simple step-by-step Cintas Partner Connect Login guides on how to access the site at 

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Cintas Partner Connect Login

What is Cintas Partner Connect?

Partner connect Cintas is a corporation from Ohio state, the USA, founded around 90 years ago. They deal in both products and services industries. 

Their product range includes mops, mats, restroom cleaning, First Aid, Safety Products, fire extinguishers, etc. The most demanding and all-time selling product is rental Uniforms. 

They have various Uniforms and are available on rental contracts to the employees. This company secured the largest employer tag in 2020 and made a huge change in its sales graph. 

Partner connect Cintas grew to 876 million dollars in net profit with increased usage of cleaners and hand sanitizers.

What is Cintas Partner Connect.

What are the benefits of Cintas Partner Connect?

  • The employees and partners can get their payment slips
  • They can be issued a work schedule with an accurate location.
  • The employees rate other partners and employees so that others can also see them.
  • Employees can check their work performance with a partner connect login
  • Can take a report of the attendance of the employees.
  • Can get the advantage of working from home.
  • Can raise the question about HR department.
  • Employees can review the policies and rules of the company.

Once you cleared with the Cintas Partner Connect, let’s discuss how to log in to the Cintas Partner Connect at

Now we will start with the Cintas Partner Connect Login process but before it. Let me brief you about some credentials needed for Cintas Partner Connect Log in process.

Cintas Partner Connect Login Requirements

  • Cintas Partner Connect Login Web Address.
  • You must have a Cintas Partner Connect login valid User ID and Password.
  • Internet Browser.
  • PC or Laptop or Smartphone or Tablet with Reliable internet access.

Cintas Partner Connect Login Step By Step Guide

Please, follow these below simple steps to successfully access your Cintas Partner Connect portal:


Cintas Partner Connect Login

  • Next, Please enter your User ID and Password into the provided empty field.
  • After that, please click on the LOG ON button to access your account.

How to Reset Cintas Partner Connect Login Password?

Please, follow these below simple steps to successfully reset Cintas Partner Connect  login password.

Cintas Partner Connect Login reset password 1

  • Next, please click on the Forgot User ID or Password? link as shown on the above screenshot.

Cintas Partner Connect Login reset password 2

  • Please enter your Last 4 Digits of SSN/SIN and Birth Date into the provided empty field.
  • After that, please click on the Continue button and follow the instruction to reset your password.

Steps to Register an Account on the Partner Connect Cintas Web Portal.

Please, follow the below simple steps to register your account at Cintas Partner Connect successfully.

  • Go to the Cintas Partner Connect web address on your browser installed on the device –
  • Search for the “New User” option below the requested fields on the login web page.
  • Select the mentioned option, fill in your Last 4 digits of the SSN (Social Security Number), and Date of Birth and click continue.
  • Now add company & personal information such as Company Name, Your Name, email address, Phone, Address, etc. by following the instructions on the page.
  • Next, select the security questions, and answer them.
  • After that, click continue.
  • Now enter your Client ID provided by the company and set up your password.
  • Finally, hit the “submit” option.

Cintas Partner Connect Contact Information

Well, the following are the Cintas Partner Connect contact details, and these are what might help you to solve all your difficulties and problems as soon as possible. Let us go through and select the way to contact without making any second thoughts.

If you have a question that needs a direct response, please contact the Cintas Service Center.

In the United States

Outside the United States
7 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday
To reach a representative, enter your Partner/Employee ID and Password, and then press *0.

Log On Help

Official Website:

Final words

That was all about the Cintas Partner Connect Login at I hope you like this article, and it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this Cintas Partner Connect login then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks!

FAQs Cintas Partner Connect

Q. Are the employees able to access all the benefits offered by the portal?

✔ Yes, the employees can access all the advantages the web portal offers with their login credentials.

Q. What is Cintas & what work does it do?

✔ Cintas is a Cincinnati-based company that provides rental services to businesses by uniforms, mops, renting Cleaning/restroom items, safety products, etc. The company provides the tools that businesses require. It also provides safety courses.

Q. How many businesses does Cintas serve?

✔ Cintas serves above 1 million businesses.

Q. Can’t Log On?

✔ Have you logged on to this site before?

If you’ve tried these solutions and still can’t log on, contact us.

Q. Are the employees able to access all the benefits offered by the portal?

✔ Yes, the employees can access all the advantages offered by the portal with their login credentials.


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