7 Common Computer Problems Encountered By Users


When you are working on the computer regularly for 6 to 8 hours, facing technical issues is quite common. On finding highly complex problems that are beyond your understanding, you can ask for help from professionals. However, if the issue is not so big, you can take care of that on your own. 

When you understand the reason behind the problem, it becomes easy to resolve it, and sometimes the workaround methods take less than a

minute. So, next time you face any issue with your computer, do not rush to contact a technician; instead, try to resolve it yourself and save money.

In this article, we are explaining some common computer issues that users normally encounter when working in a stretch.

Computer Performs Slow

When you start your computer and need to wait for a few minutes before you see the logo, it’s a clear sign that your computer is running slow. Once you come to the welcome screen only to find that the apps and folders are not opening properly, the files are not immediately accessible; the browser is not working well, check for the problem behind the slowdown.

Say that you have an underperforming MacBook. While figuring out how to fix a slow mac, you may delete additional apps that you installed a year ago and not use them for quite some time now. In addition, erase duplicate images, files, and other data to remove redundancy and claim more space on the storage drive.

Unusual Sound & Overheating

A noisy laptop or desktop can be a sign of exhaustion. When it occurs, simply shut down your computer for some time and then restart it to resume functioning. It can be the fan or some hardware that might be expelling sound. The noisy sound followed by overheating indicates that there is something wrong with the device.

Overheating can be the result of multiple applications running on your computer may be in the background. Open Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (macOS) to check the heavy load processes that are consuming excessive resources and stop them right away.  

Blank Screen Issue

If all the connections are up-to-the-mark, but your computer screen appears blank, check if the power connection is not loose and that the outlet is working properly. If you are facing this issue on your laptop, there might be a battery issue; so try to disconnect and then reconnect the battery.

In addition, check if the charger is working appropriately; else, you need to replace it. If nothing seems to work, there might be a problem with any of the internal hardware components, and you might require contacting professional help.

Abrupt System Shutdown

If the computer shuts down suddenly, there may be an issue with the power supply. You need to fix it immediately, and else you may lose your unsaved data and require spending more time completing the project you are working on.

Connect another device to the power outlet to check if it’s working properly. Alternatively, connect your computer to another socket to detect if the computer is at fault. In addition, you need to check all internal and external components as the problem might be due to hardware breakdown.

Slow Functioning of Apps

Cleaning the clutter from your computer will resolve many common computer issues, including the one you are facing while launching apps. Unnecessary apps and files start accumulating on the hard drive over time and result in slowdowns.

These apps consume system resources, which often interrupts the smooth functioning of required apps and processes as sufficient resources are not available. Deleting unnecessary apps can be the only viable solution to keep the system running and maintain the optimal health of the storage device.

Freezing Screen or App

The freezing of the computer screen or apps indicates that you are running short of RAM space or having some corrupt files, spyware attacks, or there may be registry conflicts. Turn off the power button until the computer is properly off. 

Afterward, restart the computer, and clean up the garbage so that the screen will not freeze again. In addition, upgrade RAM if the budget allows. 

Typing Inaccuracy Due to Inappropriate Keys

Have you ever noticed that your keyboard is not working properly or the characters are missing when you are typing? There might be a problem with your computer keys, or there can be a dust buildup. No worries, fixing the problem is easy.

To solve a problem related to keyboard keys, you should take out the keys carefully and clean the inside part of the keyboard. Clean the keyboard with a damp cloth, or you can also use a can of compressed air and gently blow out any dirt accumulating beneath the keyboard keys.


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